Special Offers

  • Smoothie


    Homemade fruit smoothie

  • Fritz-spritz rhubarb

    Fritz-spritz rhubarb

    With 40% freshly pressed rhubarb juice. The combination of delicious vegetable and fruity freshness

  • Terra Pop

    Terra Pop

    Orange - rye bread

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Here you can find our teams created a ready-made meal combinations

  • Winter Boxx

    Winter Boxx

    Potatoes, herbed sauce, chicken, corn, tomatoes, pickles, caesar dressing, crispy onions, baked beets with carrots

  • Beef Boxx

    Beef Boxx

    Potatoes, peanuts - coconut sauce , bbq beef, carrots, tomatoes, red onions

  • Vegetarian boxx

    Vegetarian boxx

    Potatoes, pearl barley, peanuts - coconut sauce , mushrooms, tomatoes, paprika, greenery, nut and seed mix

  • Paprika Boxx

    Paprika Boxx

    Pearl barley, paprika sauce, chicken, tomatoes, paprika, cucumbers, warm season vegetables, linseed, crispy onions

Here you can find our teams created a ready-made meal combinations

  • Classic pesto salad

    Classic pesto salad

    Lettuce mix, olives, green pesto, sprouted seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, cucumbers, cheese

  • Caesar salad with chicken

    Caesar salad with chicken

    Caesar salad leaves, chicken, caesar dressing, cheese, tomatoes, croutons

  • Blue cheese - peaches salad

    Blue cheese - peaches salad

    Lettuce mix, blue cheese, grilled peaches , cucumbers, mustard - honey sauce, nut and seed mix, greenery

Wraps are novelty in our menu but those who have already taste them says, that they were the most delicious wraps in Riga!

Every day in offer is another soup. Most often, we are offering cream soups from seasonal vegetables, for which we add the cream, that's why they contain lactose

Every day to your joy we cook fresh and mouthwatering sweets

You can choose a refreshing drink, water or delicious Froosh smoothies