About us

About us

TERRA is a new concept, which unites healthy and balanced meals, fast service and endless explorations of tastes. 


TERRA, translated from Latin, means "EARTH". What does it mean for our restaurant? It is a return to our roots - to healthy and wholesome homemade meals without artificial additions. 


TERRA is a place where those with little time can stop for a moment, feed their stomach's desires, and recharge for the rest of the day. Those who are not in a hurry can enjoy the nice atmosphere, coffee, and other goods. 


TERRA offers the choice to be creative and create your own meal. Every ingredient is in front of you, so that you can combine all of your favorite things the way you want them to be. 


TERRA is a friendly concept for vegetarians and vegans. There is such a wide array of ingredients on offer that a person can create a perfect meal regardless of their lifestyle choices. 


TERRA's menu is created to be simple and easy to understand, but with enough choices that the client can choose something different every day. TERRA's clients should get exact what they want, to the best of our ability!


TERRA's team spends every early morning getting ready to offer the most fresh, vitamin-filled food. In our restaurant, the team makes everything, including the sauce, marinade, and spice mixes. 


TERRA regularly changes what is on offer, according to the season and the products available. Everything that is available in season is filled with vitamins and nutrients, so we can offer our clients the freshest and best produce. 


TERRA - find your roots!